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Máy đếm kiểm tra tiền  (Compact value CounterDP-989

Nội dung

This model is the perfect device for medium cash flow spots.
Auto feeding notes into the machine, no need to put the notes one by one as the traditional money detector, but more powerful in detection and overall performance.
Can be as a banknote counter to count and detect the notes, but the size is very small and can use the rechargeable battery as portable counter. The counterfeit detecting function is more accurate than normal banknote counter. 
Features & Functions:
  1、  Automatic feeding detector, without orientation limits, with compact size
  2、  Can discriminate value and detect very good quality counterfeits
  3、  Easy access note transport path, for better maintenance and jam removing
  4、  LCD display, user-friendly interface
  5、  Easy upgrade, PC upgrade for new issues or software upgrade
  6、  Counterfeit Detection: magnetism, infrared, image, spectrum, length, thickness etc.
  7、  With SD card slot, Easy to upgrade the software via SD card.
  8、  Can connect with thermal printer.
  9、  Can connect LCD external display.
 10、 Available Currencies: USD, EUR, GBP, CHF,JPY, KRW,RMB,TWD etc.(Optional)
 11、Can read different currencies’ serial number, support the serial number printing, store and internet transferring. Now only EUR&             USD serial number reading available.

  1、Full compatible with new ES2 EUR Series notes.
  2、Portable -- Foldable, light weight and can equipped with rechargeable battery.
  3、Fast -- Auto feeding, 200- 250notes/min .
  4、Accurate -- Can discriminate value and detect very good quality counterfeits.
  5、Convenient -–Adjustable hopper, stops batch counting, and Add function for cumulative counting when desired.
  6、User friendly –Full function backlit large LCD display, graphic base user interface, ergonomic keypad, hopper and stacker.
  7、Efficient -- Users are able to print the counting result instantly via direct printer connection, or output to PC through USB  connection. Can connecting large LED/CD external display, for customers to observe and confirm counting synchronously,speed up your teller line.
  8、Easy maintenance -- Easy opening bill path, for better maintenance and jam removing; USB programming socket or SD card and           easy-to-use program, provides debugging and upgrading in just a minute.
  9、Great quality -- all components lead-free and meeting ROHS standard, CE approved.

1.       Hopper Capacity: 100 notes
2.       Stacker Capacity: 100 notes
3.       Dimensions:  170(L)×157(W)×152(H)mm
4.       Power Supply: AC100V~240V 50/60Hz or DC12V/2.0A
5.       Battery: rechargeable lithium battery 10.8V/2000mAH(optional)
6.       Detecting Speed: 200-250 notes per minute
7.       Power Consumption: <20W 
8.      Weight: 1.6KG(Without battery)
Packing Details:    
Carton size:560*465*235mm
N.W./CTN: 7.10KGS

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